On the steps of Saint-Jacques

Galicia, Spain

On the steps of Saint-Jacques


For many years, the Dominguez has family owned a vast property overlooking the sea on a preserved island connected to the Galician coast by a bridge. The family entrusted Liaigre with constructing and decorating a sumptuous vacation home on this exceptional site.

The villa is a large, white structure that evokes the modern architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright. It is characterized by its pronounced contrast between the horizontal and the vertical: the horizontal nature of the villa and the vertical nature of the windows, walls, and trees in the yard. To protect the interior from the sun’s rays, sliding screens made of woven willow (a material used locally to make fishing baskets) take the place of blinds and drapes, creating a lovely light and dappled shadows.

The residence is decorated using an intentionally light palette.

The residence is decorated using an intentionally light palette made up primarily of white and ecru, and accented with touches of pale blue and bronze. Outdoor spaces are composed of slate terraces surrounded by stands of wild rice, which is common to the region. The entire home is designed to suit the family’s summer lifestyle of meals, siestas, and relaxation amid a peaceful setting.

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