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Created in 2005 to complete the traditional offer of Liaigre’s interior architecture, the Decoration and Styling Service proposes personalized design solutions within existing architectural spaces including homes, apartments, yachts and private planes. This service allows customers to experience Liaigre’s artistic direction without modifying interior architecture.


the department Decoration and Styling proposes a personalized offer.

The delivered project is the outcome of a dialogue with clients to understand their needs, to adapt to their lifestyle as well as taking into consideration from the beginning specific characteristics which differentiate an everyday home from a holiday one.

Each project is subject to detailed studies articulated around different stages that shape the project in time: layout plans, perspectives, technical drawings, mood boards of different materials, as well as a budget.

The interior design work includes not only furniture and lighting suggestions which are outside the existing collection, advice in terms of materials and colors but also the definition of ambiences, choice of fabrics and accessories, together with assistance in selecting and purchasing works of art. Exclusive furniture pieces may be designed depending on the project’s needs.

This «haute couture» service enables to create custom-made projects likely to suit all wishes. The service is implemented through high quality crafting and making which forges LIAIGRE’s reputation, also using the most varied, refined materials and finishes (wood, stone, marble, lacquer, bronze etc.).
the department Decoration and Styling is available in the Liaigre showrooms in Paris, London, New York and Bangkok.


A villa in Athens

This 800 square meter villa with its contemporary lines and majestic volumes blends reflection on the interiors and exteriors to create a family living space. The furniture and the choice of material finishes are made naturally in a dialogue between contemporary and classical pieces of art.
The house has five exterior surfaces also designed by the Decoration and Styling service, which has designed custom-made furniture adapted to these outdoor uses.


This 800 square meter villa with its contemporary lines and majestic volumes blends reflection on the interiors and exteriors to create a family living space.

The living room, is a reception room but also a room for rest and intimacy, its stands out due to its height under the ceiling. Two libraries, inspired by Greek temples, are designed to fit perfectly into the architecture of the room. On the ground, the custom-made furniture delimits two comfortable spaces: a reception room dominated by a majestic work of art and a more intimate reading area conducive to relaxation.

Custom-made products, a fundamental aspect of the Decoration and Styling service, are designed to integrate as closely as possible with the architecture and the owner's wishes in the context of close collaboration. This service is applicable to furniture, carpets and fabrics, lighting and outdoor furniture.

An atmosphere of dark sandblasted or high gloss woods, Oak, Jamaican Dogwood and Walnut.
Selection of fabrics tones on tones, velvet and purple, beige or embroidered silks.
It is these assemblies made upstream, closely with the customer, that will define the main lines of the house's style and colour ambiances.

Feminine and warm, the master bedroom is designed as the villa's ultimate relaxation area. Extended by an outdoor space and bathed in light, this room recalls the solar and relaxed Mediterranean culture.

To illuminate and dramatize the main staircase of the home pictured here, the Decoration and Styling team developed a series of three custom brass suspensions beautifully crafted of black patina and hi-macs, an acrylic stone that due to its resin is naturally transparent and evokes a feeling of quiet serenity.


An Apartment in Munich

This 150 square meter apartment located in the residential area of Munich is a pied-à-terre with a contemporary and bright design. The comfortable surface includes a double living room, a dining room, a large bedroom with a wardrobe. This functional place, full of contrasts and brilliance, also houses precious materials (bronze and exotic woods) like a luxurious setting in the heart of the city. This is a second intervention: The owner had called upon Liaigre 10 years earlier for the initial decoration of this apartment.
In 2016, he again called on the Decoration and Design department for a new layout and advice on the choice of materials (floors, doors, dressing rooms).
The brushed oak paneling on the walls, added during this refit, brings warmth and structure to this minimalist space.


This 150 square meter apartment located in the residential area of Munich is a pied-à-terre with a contemporary and bright design.

Pieces of art are omnipresent in the reflection and design of each Liaigre project. Whether it is to integrate an existing collection or to advise in the acquisition of a piece of art, the Decoration and Styling department is a privileged partner in artistic curation.

Autumn shades in earth and natural tones are punctuated by winter hues such as white and grey. The assortment of materials and contrasting finishes highlight the movement of textures.

The Montfaucon table, here with a finish by the artist and partner of the house, Pierre Bonnefille. This technique, which includes patina lacquer and tulle finish, gives the illusion of a beetle shell with bluish reflections, the secrets of which only he knows.

Bronze and precious wood are the predilection materials of the Liaigre signature.
Whether patinated or hammered, solid bronze is treated with the greatest respect for French craftsmanship in order to create the Saint-Germain armchair and the Calabria coffee table, the structural elements of this fire-side rest area.

Essence line, design Desmond Corcoran


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