YAGEO Foundation

Taipei, Taiwan

YAGEO Foundation

It is in the heart of Taipei in Taiwan, in front of the Yangmingshan national park, that Liaigre created the private offices of the Yageo Foundation. An organization dedicated to promote art and culture throughout sponsorship of exhibitions, research and educational programs. It has been founded, in 1999, by a loyal client of Liaigre and one of the biggest art collector in the world.

The place is meant to be a space for the everyday life of the collaborators, to organize meetings as well as a reception area for guests. For this project, the owner wanted the highest levels of comfort playing with marriages of authentic materials (wood, stone, patinated metal) in dialogue with a part of its large art collection from Modern and Post-War periods.


The 500 square meters space offers generous and optimal conditions for a work and reception environment – 3 meetings rooms, 2 open spaces, 3 offices, a lounge, a kitchen, a massage room… The place has been design to be reinvents throughout the day and fit each occasion that arises with the possibility to have a wide open space or more confidential rooms thanks to the modular doors.


The Foundation’s atmosphere is theatrical and warm, alternating dark and warm shades that create a subtle play with the natural or artificial lighting… This range of tones is enhanced by the refined character of the various materials used, such as the Luzerna stone of the entire floor, the warm cedar covering the walls and ceiling of the owner’s office, the dark brown tinted oak of the gallery and lobby ceilings, or the black patina brass of the frames.

Everything has been created to highlight and live with the masterpieces displayed all over the place.


The luxuriousness of the materials, their diversity, the modularity of the layout, the high quality of the furniture and facilities are evocative of an elegant contemporary lifestyle perfectly suited to this hybrid place.

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