Residence in Niseko

Niseko, Japon

Residence in Niseko

Located on the island of Hokkaido in the heart of a natural park, Niseko is a renowned winter sports resort offering a magnificent panorama of Mount Yōtei. Here, skiing and snowboarding are practiced on the “best powder snow in the world,” an ultra-light snow due to a microclimate.  It is in this exceptional context that Liaigre has created a 500 m2 duplex.


The Studio’s creative process begins by contemplating the landscape and seamlessly integrating architecture into its natural surroundings. Observations and sentiments about the site guide the team towards selecting materials and tones that harmonize with the environmental context. The allure of the site inspired the studio team to infuse this project with an authenticity that exudes a sense of permanence. While luxury and comfort manifest even in the minutest design details, the ambiance on both levels of the apartment leans towards a measured restraint—a simplicity reminiscent of the Japanese spirit of Wabi Sabi.

In accordance with the client’s preferences, this mountain retreat adeptly blends functionalities and stylistic elements, striking a balance between Eastern and Western influences. All these elements contribute to the project’s exceptional refinement. Lastly, catering to the client, a significant collector of modern, contemporary, and indigenous art, it was imperative to seamlessly integrate artworks and collection pieces into the interior while maintaining an impression of “naturalness,” as if the entire ensemble has always belonged.

Undoubtedly tied to the omnipresence of water and the abundance of hot springs in the archipelago, the bathing tradition remains deeply ingrained in Japanese culture. Thermalism, a practice dating back to the 7th century in Japan, has evolved into a daily ritual for most Japanese individuals and draws numerous tourists. Given the natural presence of hot springs in Niseko, the client’s aspiration to install their own Onsens in a bathroom and the SPA of their apartment is entirely justified.


This project aligns with a series of endeavors in which the Studio evolves a language that rejuvenates all the fundamentals characterizing the vocabulary of Liaigre: be it the purity of lines coupled with noble materials, a luxury that unveils itself both in detail and, more significantly, in functionality, or a permanence intertwined with the concept of the passage of time—everything contributes to the pursuit of a beauty centered on the essential.

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