Northern Lights

Knokke Le Zoute, Belgium

Northern Lights

The interior of this penthouse at Knokke Le Zoute seaside resort was designed around the unique, soft Northern light that filters in from outside. A sumptuous house with a view situated between the sea and a natural reserve, Liaigre endeavored to express the poetic atmosphere of the North Sea in the home’s interior.

Endless variations of light dance across the subtle visual symphony of light and dark within, while a selection of grays, browns, and glowing, milky whites accented with an exquisite touch of bronze green leather armchairs form a palette that perfectly evokes the native landscape and a masterpiece that echoes the peaceful indoor scenes of Dutch paintings.


Liaigre endeavored to express the poetic atmosphere of the North Sea.

Every part of the interior, from the floors to the walls to the furnishings, is crafted from refined materials—wood, bronze, leather—and treated with simplicity. Priority has been given to the openness of the spaces, allowing air to circulate and light to enter. These two elements are often overlooked but vital to what is most important: to give this luxuriously spare residence a harmony that creates a sense of peace.

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