At the heart of Germany

Tegernsee, Germany

At the heart of Germany

About 50 kilometers from Munich in the heart of Bavaria, Tegernsee Lake has given its name to this village and popular vacation spot in southern Germany.

Though the exterior of this eighteenth-century wooden former farmhouse has been preserved, the interior has been fully renovated.

For this project, it was vital to find the best way to balance the history of the house with modern amenities, to juggle the contrast between refinement and rustic charm without exaggerating either one.

In the expansive entryway, ancient wooden beams abut a concrete wall.

An equilibrium is established through a combination of materials in the interior decoration. In the expansive entryway, ancient wooden beams abut a concrete wall, forming opposing textures and tones that give the overall aesthetic a modernity that can be found in every room of the house. Liaigre’s signature austere furnishings sit among other stunning pieces already in the owners’ possession. The contemporary feel of the home is expressed subtly in the extreme attention given to each detail of the interior. The love shared by the owners and by Liaigre for minuscule, nearly invisible touches turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.

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